Embryonic Stem Cell Research is considered to be a controversial topic for many reasons; varying from cloning, dehumanizations, and murder. This all varies on the opinion of the people, but it also comes down to legality. Many scientists and researchers studying Embryonic Stem Cell Research constantly debate humanity and the ethical issues surrounding them. Since the discover of Embryonic Stem Cells (not just stem cells, but those found in a human embryo), in the 1960’s, the debate has raged on and off, with a timeline that has made the research legal and illegal over a dozen times until executive orders or a lack of technology. (To see the time line of embryonic stem cells, click on this link: http://www.stemcellhistory.com/stem-cell-research-timeline/ ).
As of March 9th, 2009, President Barack Obama lifted the restrictions that were placed on Embryonic Stem Cell Research by former President Bush during his first year of presidency. Since 2009, US NEWS defined that there were three different reasons behind the change in opinion and the lifted restrictions of the this research.
1. General support
Since President Bush’s restrictions on embryonic stem cell research and the changing of times, the support from both democrats and republicans along with independent parties have increased significantly since 2001. This does not include the change in people who vote entirely against the destroying of a human embryo, or those who do not generally have an opinion.
2. Support from those who would generally oppose
The Republican Party contributes a significant percentage to he continuation of Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Since 2001 and President Bush’s expulsion of Embryonic Stem Cell Research, the Republican Party is generally known for leaning more to the right on the political spectrum. But as times are changing and more diseases and illnesses have viruses and bacteria that are becoming immune, there are new treatments that need to be discovered in order to prevent and/or cure these diseases. Evangelicals, (farther right on the political spectrum) include those of religious beliefs and morals contribute the most voters in opposing embryonic stem cell research.
3. Christianity opposition
One of the bigger fallouts that this research is facing is Christianity religion that has a firm stance against this research because it pertains to dehumanization and is similar to an abortion which this religion is against entirely. Since 2001 & a Pew Poll that was taken during 2007, the percentage of those against embryonic stem cell research that were in this category decreased from 57% to 51%, which changed voters minds by 6% on he continuation of this research.

To see this site: http://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/god-and-country/2009/03/09/the-politics-behind-obamas-embryonic-stem-cell-research-decision

(This site contains the necessary information along with a short video)



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