Ethical Issues

Stem Cell Advances may quell ethics debate , Embryonic Stem Cell Research is fraught with Ethical delimmas

These two articles help to show the different sides of the debate over the research of Embryonic Stem Cells. This topic is highly controversial, and has been since the early 2000’s when the benefits of them were finally put together and the cells were actually obtained and tested. But since then, the continuous research has been put on hold, with President George W. Bush preventing the research of Embryonic Stem Cells during his first year of presidency, and then later revoked by Barack Obama, who put more of a leniency on this research. The Executive Order that was issued on March 9th, 2009, had revoked the Presidential statement of George W. Bush in 2001, and allowed the National Institute of Health to continue to research Embryonic Stem Cells from the previously collected (before 2001) stem cell lines and alter in ways which then proved to  be cures for common diseases and illnesses today. These stem cell lines have continued to be studied and have proven many more chronic diseases and illnesses that embryonic stem cells could possibly help treat, and even cure.


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